UPDATE #2 (01/23/2017): CVE-2017-5554 has been assigned to this issue.

UPDATE #1 (01/18/2017): Vulnerability is fixed in OxygenOS 4.0.2.

I have just disclosed a new vulnerability affecting One Plus 3 (and maybe 3T!) running the latest version of OxygenOS (4.0.1 at the time of writing). Similarly to our other recently disclosed vulnerabilities, One Plus 3’s bootloader has an unsafe fastboot oem command which is available even if the bootloader is locked.

The attacker can reboot the device into the fastboot mode, which could be done without any authentication – A physical attacker can press the ‘Volume Up’ button during device boot, where an attacker with ADB access can issue the adb reboot bootloader command.

Then, the attacker can put the platform’s SELinux in permissive mode, which severely weakens it, by simply issuing:

fastboot oem selinux permissive

And indeed, SELinux is then set to permissive mode:

OnePlus3:/ $ getenforce
OnePlus3:/ $